kirkwall: it's not as bad as everyone says. really.

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Hey I'm Andey/Andy/etc! I'm about to spend the next several months obsessing/writing detailed essays about Dragon Age / What Fenris Personally Means To Me so I'm here to just be the worst. unleashed. on the internet. what's up

I've been playing these games since 2009 when I was 17 years old so it feels like it's been a massive massive part of my life. I mean, I've known Alistair as long as I've known my actual real life best friend. That's NUTS.

I have A LOT OF FUCKING OPINIONS about the chantry and magic and other bullshit and have had many breakfast conversations over the overarching metaphor of DA's chantry/mage dichotomy as it relates to the organized christian church's response to occultism, especially as it relates to magic being only used by sanctioned religious entities instead of being in the hands of the people, so THAT'S GOING IN HERE

anyway welcome to my hefty horrible world of pontificating on the magical wonderful world of Thedas! It's weird to have something be a part of your life for almost half of it but DA is super special to me and I hope yall enjoy reading my assorted bullshit!

"You can't go home again. That's supposed to be about growing up, but it especially hurts when you don't have a choice..." -Aveline

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