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Playing some more Inquisition again! Cracked open The Descent for the first time (!), looking VERY much forward to more lore dropping! I brought Varric with me ofc, and was hoping for a bit more from the guy, but I know he hates dwarf stuff and Orzammar hoity-toityness so this DOES make a lot of sense. (Watch some bombshell drop later and have me retract this statement). Since I'm taking Angus in as my MC, I also brought Dorian (who has some lovely quips), and Cassandra (because my other two Inq MCs are, respectively, dating Blackwall and Iron Bull and that leaves Cass as the final warrior, and I'm proooobably gonna play through this one with both of them, too!)


Good morning it's ya boy Hawke/Lord Cousland and I have a horrid little list of Every Single Time I've Wept Abjectly during the Dragon Age Franchise! I'm missing one or two but that Cole one happened twice, so it counts, er, twice.


Hey it's something I've been meaning to put up for a long time!! The very beginnings of What is Sure to Be A Lengthy Treatise on Organized Religion in Thedas and How it Relates to The Medieval Catholic Church. Go ahead and take my "fun guy" badge now. (This is all from a theological/philosophical/comparative perspective, I'm not christian, just a big dumb Pagan nerd who cares about theology.)


New stuff! Some of my Worst Dragon Age Opinions and My Horrible Predictions/Wishlist for DA4 Recurring Characters


Considering the order the Lists/Essays should have b/c I want to keep that flagship Fenris gushfest up front and center, but ALSO put new stuff up top so people can see it. Maybe mark stuff with a New? Maybe a little New Quest Marker? I think I might have legit awful flashbacks if I use the Inquisiton unread quest dot due to banter bug nonsense, haha.

All right, I now have THE NEW ESSAY/LIST ORB: which designates new stuff! Yay!


hey it's a new list! Dragon Age: Origins Companion Rankings wherein Alistair and Morrigan duke it out once again for Best Fucking Person Ever

can't stop replaying these games aaaagg. started DAII again because I'm a trash person!! Also doing a mage run of Inquisition. Can you believe I've never played a mage in Inq before??? I'm seriously addicted to playing a dual wield rogue in EVERY GAME I PLAY. Mages are turning out to be p fun as roleplaying though. Plus, I'm finally rolling a girl protag so it's time to finally try out all this cullen/sera/blackwall/etc business everyone's been talking about


Beat Trespasser last week and now i'm a wreck? I'm a wreck. Super excited for Dorian to prooobably be back in DA4 but veeeeery sad my Inquisitor is in a long-distance relationship. Poor guy just can't find happiness wherever he can grab it. :(

Also wrecked: Finding out Thedas stands/stood for "The Dragon Age Setting". Guybrush Threepwood vibes


Neck deep into INQUISITION and I am a predictable lameass who chose the Trevelyan origin b/c I'm always a wisecracking rogue jackass :v ANYWAY.

"Well, you haven't met me." - Hawke



  • Oh I SO regret not taking Isabela with me more, she's so cool and I legit got "ahaha you're so hot" intimidated by her so I missed out on a lot because I'm an IRL idiot shy boy (if you know me IRL you know why this is funny probably).

    I FUCKIN LOVE the twist (I'm only in the first half of the twist???) and she's fantastic, so there.

  • Look, maybe he's right and some things CAN'T be reformed and we should defund the Chantry. Ahem.

    7/6/22 update: oh god anders no not like that!!!

  • Okay the VERY SECOND I saw the first Guardsman Donnic cutscene I was like "I AM PLAYING CUPID AND GETTING THESE TWO DINGBATS TOGETHER". And OH MY GOD AM I GLAD THERE'S A WHOLE FUCKIN QUESTCHAIN FOR THAT. Very very into this. The marigolds shit cracked me up and I'm so happy Aveline got her cute little happy ending in the end (in my game, anyway. re: Donnic, anyway. So far... anyway... I mean it's Dragon Age so there's like a 50-50 chance something Dark Ritual level weird is going to happen by the end, which PLEASES ME, NARRATIVELY.)


Finally recruited Sebastian several days ago, which meaaaans:

  • It took me THIS LONG to realize Sebastian is named after St Sebastian??? With the Arrows and Everything??? I'm just the dumbest fucker alive, haha.

    I REALLY LIKE this dude, I thought he was going to be an absolute teetotaller (which he is, which makes walking around with him and Isabela just the absolute funniest), but his interstitials about ~*~religion~*~ are just ever so fascinating. As someone who like, is into all of this from a text-y standpoint, it's super cool to hear his opinions/Chantry expertise bumping up against everyone else. ESPECIALLY MERRILL.

    Pretty excited to schlep around with him as well and antagonize him with my antics, although he seems to like me okay so far :V


Finished almost (almost?? except for Sebastian! because I assumed, for some reason, once I finished that first Seb quest he'd just.... be... in my party??) every recruitment mission for each companion, which means it's OPINIONS TIME!

  • Hands up who has a big dumb crush on Merrill? THIS GUY. Okay so I am a bad person who totally had a crush on Triss in Witcher 3 even though I have read enough Witcher to know that Geralt x Yen is absolute fucking endgame material. but anyway. Triss is great because she's so weird and enthusiastic and does her own thing and that's why I like Merrill I think. I especially like that bit of banter where Varric is getting on her case about wandering around darktown alone unawares and how much it's costing him to keep her safe, it's delightful. Merrill 4 lyfe

  • So I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying this dude? I am a sucker for the quirkier characters and Fenris seems ~*~so serious~*~ but I am absolutely on board for all this emo rugged shit. I am v much digging that he lives in that reclaimed dilapidated mansion and look forward to smashing many wine bottles in the future.

  • I've played Inquisition so I know I am on the Varric Train (engine noises). I love playing lowlife underhanded rogueish characters so Varric is the perfect companion to Hawke's Crimes TM. Plus he's just interesting and charming and delightful and together he and I will make sure Merrill doesn't get eaten by darkspawn.

  • The very first second I saw her intro cutscene I was like OH WELP THERE IT GOES I'M DONE FOR HA HA HA *nervous chuckle*. TBH she's shaping up to be a very fascinating human who I happen to agree with on most counts, lol. Like how I end up accidentally dating Polly every time I play Monster Prom. Isabela's love for the sea is ABSOLUTELY EXTREMELY FUCKING MY SHIT. But as you know (maybe??? idk???) I have a soft spot for lady pirates.

  • Okay I am vaguely aware that people complain about Anders? But I am having nothing to complain about yet? (Yet???) The banter between him and Isabela about the Pearl and the electricity CRACKED ME UP. More please. I love a guy with a tragic past too so we'll see about this. PLUS EVEN MORE I absolutely fell for the "oh it was so lonely in the circle, i like boys :((" thing hook line and sinker. i am a gay disaster. sue me

  • Bethany is a sweetheart and a darling and I would die for her. Plus Isabela hitting on her and then Hawke being shocked is great.

  • Oh I LOVE that romantic ass Ser Wesley setup. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. I like Aveline a lot as a lady warrior archetype and I'm excited to see where this shit goes, even though she IS a cop. And I haven't been taking her out much, due to all my Hawke Crimes. I fully intend for her to see my heart of gold and not my numerous and varied HawkeCrimes TM. Plus her character design is absolutely on point, I cannot stop looking at her hair.

uuuuugh I love the setup for this game SO MUCH. I intend to destroy the legacy of indentured capitalist enslavement 4evs. kirkwall is a Whole Vibe, etc etc. :v